Game of War Fire Age Crafting

game of war fire age crafting
game of war fire age crafting

The following items can be crafted using these two material combinations. Use the table below to determine what item will be crafted for the materials you have. Find an item in the table you are interested in crafting and the required materials will be listed in the corresponding column and row.

Order does not matter in the crafting of items and repetition of materials are allowed. This results in a total of 78 combinations of which only 42 result in a valid recipe.

When entering Craft, the Crafting Table is seen at the top of the page. Below it are 4 material slots. These Slots can be populated with Materials in your Materials Stock. Before a Craft has been initiated, you have the ability to populate, replace, and or remove Materials. Selecting Materials on the Table and Materials Stock does this. This is useful for modifying the Quality chances in the Crafting Quality Meter.


Materials. below the crafting table is the materials stock. Here, all Materials you possess are displayed. They are sorted by Quality level from Legendary to Inferior

Qualities. materials and gems come in different levels known as qualities. These qualities are as follows;

  • Level 1 – Inferior Grey
  • Level 2 – Common White
  • Level 3 – Uncommon Green
  • Level 4 – Rare Blue
  • Level 5 – Epic Purple
  • Level 6 – Legendary Orange

Crafting Quality Meter. the crafting quality meter is a tool used to display the chances you have to Craft Equipment of a certain Quality. The percentage printed on the color represents the odds you have of creating something of that Quality. To increase the odds of achieveing a quality, simply obtain the Materials required at the quality level you desire.

RECIPES. recipes are divided into the 5 equipment categories:

  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armors
  • Accessories
  • Foot Armor

Recipe Requirements. each recipe has requirements that are listed in tis section. Recipes that have their Requirements met filter to the top

Viewing Recipe Bonuses. the crafting quality meter is present in these recipes displaying the chances you have to craft equipment at each quality. bonuses the Recipe provides are below this meter. Equipment at higher quality levels produces better results. To preview each result, select the Quality on the Crafting Quality Meter.

Combine. combining gives the ability to obtain better qualities for Materials and Gems by merging 4 of the same Materials or Gems.

Combination Table. much like the crafting table, the combination table is seen at the top of the page. Below it are 4 gem materials slots. These Slots can be populated with Gems Materials in your Stock. To successfully Combine a gem or material, you must own 4 or more of one king of material or gem of the same quality level. To switch between the Combination mode of gem or material, select the gem and material tabs

Inventory. all crafted equipment, equipped to a Hero or not, are present in the Inventory. To view stats and or embed Gems into Equipment, simply select one and you will be taken to the Equipment’s information screen

Inventory Capacity. you are given 12 free slots for Equipment. any more required space must be unlocked with an Equipment Bag item.

Gems & Materials. all gems and materials are displayed in the Gems and Materials section. Here you can select each gem or material you own to learn the Bonuses.

Cloth Feather Glass Hide Jewelry Leather Marble Metal Parchment Plating String Timber
Cloth Cape Cloth Sandals Cloth Skirt Hide Armor Braclet Leather Leggings Bronze Helmet Cloth Leggings Buckler Chlamys
Feather Cloth Sandals Anklet Auguries Hide Boots Circlet Leather Boots Wristband Pitchfork Bandana
Glass Cloth Skirt Auguries Flask Sapphire Ring
Hide Hide Armor Hide Boots Boar Hide Boots Leather Trousers Scale Boots Machete Hunting Bow
Jewelry Bracelet Circlet Sapphire Ring Silver Necklace Leather Skirt Slippers
Leather Leather Leggings Leather Boots Leather Trousers Leather Skirt Leather Sandals Whip Gloves Soldier’s Armor Endromis
Marble Spiked Knuckles Caveman Club
Metal Bronze Helmet Wristband Scale Boots Whip Iron Sword Wrist Strap
Parchment Cloth Leggings Gloves Sandals
Plating Buckler Pitchfork Machete Soldier’s Armor Spiked Knuckles Iron Sword Iron Helmet Throwing Knife Pike
String Chlamys Bandana Hunting Bow Slippers Endromis Wrist Strap Sandals Throwing Knife Sling
Timber Caveman Club Pike Sling

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